Q:  When do you come to measure?
A:  When your kitchen is fully installed, your bench tops are on, power points are located in resting place, range hood has been dummy fitted if the glass is to go behind it. If not, then the range hood must be installed before measure.

Q:  What is dummy fitted?
A:  Your builder/range hood installer must fit it into the exact height/position you require, then take it back down, leaving screw holes or circle screw hole positions. The template measurer then makes an exact precise template so your glass will fit perfectly behind the range hood.  Range hood installer then has to come back after glass installation and fit range hood over the front of the glass.

Q:  How long does it take?
A:  From order to install, 2 1/2 weeks for painted glass. 3 – 3 1/2 weeks for artwork.

Q: Is there a Deposit?
A: 40% to begin the work. Balance on day of install.


Questions we ask you

Is something you love to look at everyday worth waiting an extra week for?
How long do you expect to look at your glass? 10 years?
Do you want a point of difference?
Have you thought about colours? or what makes you happy?
We have 480 samples and over 2000 colours to choose from.  So it helps to have friendly colour/design consultation to help you choose what’s right for your application.
NO is not in our vocabulary!
The more information you bring, the easier it is for us to design to your personality, to make YOUR dream a reality.
Have you viewed our web sites? https://www.voodooglass.com.au | http://www.glassxpressions.com.au | http://www.glassartgallery.com.au


What to bring to colour design consult

Step 1: Any colours, tile samples, stone sample or anything you want to colour match to any computer images you have found that takes your fancy. Rough measurements/drawing of glass shapes.
Step 2: We choose large samples from the gallery that you like.  Slumped pattern/colour, art finish.
Step 3: We quote you based on your supplied measurements and get a deposit.
Step 4: The template measurer brings large samples to stand up in your kitchen for a much needed visual.