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Kitchen styling tricks anyone can achieve

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The kitchen is no longer just for cooking – today, it also functions as a place to entertain, somewhere to have a cuppa, read the newspaper, or somewhere the kids can do their homework. It is, essentially, the heart of many homes. So when you’re thinking of decorating and styling your home, don’t neglect the kitchen, as there are so many opportunities to inject your personal style into it. Here are some ideas…

Keep it simple
If you’ve fallen out of love with your kitchen, perhaps it has too much stuff in it! Start by downsizing and removing the clutter. Put all the things on display in your cupboards and start with a clean slate. Give it a good scrub and clean, then take out a few key pieces and show these off – perhaps it’s your favourite bowl filled with some fresh lemons or a vase of fresh flowers on the kitchen bench.

Roll out a rug
Something soft or textual underfoot can be a nice little touch and can instantly add colour to your kitchen area.

Update your pendant lampshades
A quick way to refresh your kitchen and its overall look is to update your pendant light shades. Choose new shades in a style that reflects your interior.

Add a colourful pot
Change up your pots on the stove and show off your favourite cooking prop. I love the idea of placing something on your stove top, because it doesn’t take up any room on your bench. Less is certainly more in this case, so choose one piece for your stove and let it take centre stage.

Add some greenery
Greenery adds a fresh mood in the kitchen, so try a small plant on the corner of an island bench.